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The Tao of Natural Beekeeping

Natural beekeeping methods differ from traditional or conventional beekeeping in several important ways. Natural beekeepers see themselves as partners with the bees and strive to be in tune with nature’s cycles and the larger surrounding environment.


hives at peace
photo by attawayjl on flickr

Natural beekeepers believe in the wisdom of the hive, minimal human interference and much time spent in observation of the bees.

Synthetic chemicals are not used, and the bees are not fed any sugar or corn syrup solutions. Natural beekeepers let the bees make their own combs and do not provide pre-formed foundations.

Feral (or wild) bees are preferred over mail order bees as they have never been exposed to the chemicals that raised bees are brought up with.

Natural beekeeping prefers the use of top bar hives which more closely mimic a natural hive.

Natural beekeeping is sustainable and accessible to all, focusing on the benefits of having many small, localized apiaries instead of fewer, large scale, commercial-type beekeeping enterprises. And honey is only extracted in the warmer months when there is a surplus amount in the hive.

4 responses to “The Tao of Natural Beekeeping

  1. Patricimo May 28, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    It makes me want bees. But I have three kids, a small yard and an allergy to hymenoptera poison. But I do know a fella out in Malibu who jars some nice organic honey from what I hear. Keep it up organibees. I’ve already shared your name with some south bay people. Best wishes.

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