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Home Sweet Beehive

Recently we performed a multi-day bee rescue in Malibu where bees had taken over the entire floor of an outdoor sauna. The homeowners wanted to keep the bees, so we removed the bees from beneath the sauna floor, placed them into boxes, and found a perfect location on the property for them. They are doing well and are happy in their new home.


welcome to spring!

an organibees custom beebox

an organibees custom beebox

Things in the bee yard are taking shape! We currently have four hearty hives and the bees are happily buzzing away. With Spring’s arrival, the bees are getting more active and we will be responding to more rescue calls which means we’ll have more bees to place in new loving homes! If you are interested in getting set up with a hive, email Brahm and he will put you on the list.

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