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Honey For Sale

half pint honey jar

We will have a limited quantity of freshly extracted, 100% raw, local, organic honey available soon! Send us an email to get on the list if you want some of your own golden goodness!

We will have half pint (8oz) $15, pint (16 oz) $25, and  and quart (32 oz) $45 sizes available.

Organibees raw honey is 100% pure natural honey with absolutely nothing added. It is  minimally filtered, which means it still contains healthful allergy-fighting pollen particles. It will last forever and does not need to be refrigerated. If left in a cool place it may crystallize. To get it back to a liquid state, just immerse the jar in warm water.  The nutritional and medicinal qualities of honey have been documented since ancient times. Raw honey in particular has many healthful properties –it is an antioxidant, improves digestion, has heart benefits and helps fight against allergens.

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