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What You Can Do To Help Save The Bees

Bees are crucial for a healthy environment as well as maintaining our food supply. We have all heard that bee populations are dwindling and bees are dying. Here are a few easy things you can do to help the bees!

Lavender Landing Pad

bees love lavender
photo courtesy aussiegall on flickr

Create a bee-friendly habitat Do not use pesticides in your garden. The chemicals disrupt the sensitive systems of the bees and are said to be a major reason for colony collapse disorder. Plant bee-friendly flowers. Some great easily-found choices that do great in Southern California are lavender, rosemary, nasturtium, poppy, lupin, sunflowers and geranium. Here’s a more extensive list from Also, make sure there’s a fresh water source in your garden for the bees to drink – a birdbath is perfect.

Buy Organic  By supporting organic farmers, you are helping promote and expand bee-friendly environments and decrease the use of harmful pesticides in our environment.

Get Involved  Ask your state and federal lawmakers to look into the epidemic of colony collapse so more attention and resources can be directed at the problem. Urge them to support legislation that demands the EPA to ban Neonicotinoid pesticides which are some of the most toxic pesticides out there – even more more toxic than DDT, which was banned in 1972.

small batch honey is the best

Avoid Mass Produced Honey  When buying honey, make sure to buy from a small operation or better yet, a beekeeper you know. This way, you know the bees health (and not mass profit) is the beekeepers main focus. Farmer’s markets are a great source to find this kind of sustainable honey.

Keep Your Own Bees  Get set up with a bee box filled with rescued feral bees and become a backyard beekeeper! It’s easy because the bees don’t need much help from us to thrive, and you will be helping to increase the honeybee population.

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